How to Flourish with Less Stuff

Episode Summary

A new baby registry takes a fresh approach to becoming a new mom! It involves less stuff and more love and care. Discover how Melissa listened to moms, discovered a void in the market and launched a new flourishing business.

Episode Notes

"Hey mama, you know what your family needs to thrive during and after pregnancy. Maybe that means less stuff and more support. With our unique baby registry, you can add prenatal massage, birth doulas, mommy + me yoga, baby essentials and more. Flourish Fund will help you get everything you need and nothing you don’t."- The Flourish Fund.

According to The Flourish Fund founder, Melissa Bowley, "60% of moms regret the purchases they made." New moms tend to buy and receive a lot of stuff. What they don't regret, Melissa says, is the services they receive.

Find our why and how Melissa Bowley launched the business of The Flourish Fund.

She also shares her tips on how to take your idea for a business and turn it into a reality.